Beheld: A Novel of Masalay

Beheld (Cover)Beheld is an intimate exploration of the mystery and burden of miracles. Callie is a young American nurse on vacation in Masalay — a former British colony of exquisite beaches and simmering conflicts. After an ill-fated excursion, the shy but headstrong Callie finds herself trapped in an ethnic feud. The experience leads to an unlikely bond with Rika, a haunted man with powerful ties. Their fevered relationship ends with Rika’s abduction — and Callie’s discovery that she’s pregnant.

Determined to find Rika, Callie ignores intense pressure to go back home. To survive, she must learn new skills and come to terms with Masalay and her own mistakes. Meanwhile, bitter adversaries elsewhere on the island have discovered signs of an impossible event: the conception of a divine child. As Callie fights to maintain integrity and build a fragile understanding of the life inside her, friends and enemies violently converge.

Writing with wit and intelligence, Kelleher delivers a tightly paced novel of powerful emotions and profound ideas. Beheld’s exploration of multiple perspectives and social complexity echoes the work of Barbara Kingsolver and Ann Patchett, while the book’s intimate tone and moral depth bring to mind Marilynne Robinson and M.L. Stedman.

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Map of Masalay

Release Date: July 2003

Published by Folded Story

ISBN (Print Edition): 978-0-9848496-1-1
ISBN (E-Book Edition): 978-0-9848496-2-8

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