About Me

Christopher Kelleher’s fiction blends psychological depth with evocations of wonder — a revitalized form of magical realism.

Christopher Kelleher

Social struggle and moral complexity are essential elements of his work. As is religion, which has fascinated Kelleher since the day his secular parents enrolled him in an Armenian Catholic school. To explain Christianity to himself, he developed elaborate stories about God. The nuns (most of them) were more touched than appalled. And although the stories have evolved, the same intrepid creativity animates Kelleher’s debut novel, Beheld.

Kelleher lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two daughters. He was raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, and attended Vassar College, where he earned degrees in history and English. He has worked at the University of North Carolina, Oregon Health & Science University, and Kaiser Permanente, making a nuisance of himself in diverse pursuits, including healthcare research, website development, and strategic planning.